147 The Book Auction

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The book company owned their owned storage units. There were only two, but the amount of space they had was huge, like workshops. Inside them were shelves that were neatly packed with books.

After Li Du and the others arrived at the units, he realized that there was no need for the bug, because the doors were opened and free to enter. However, there were security guards watching, so they were not allowed to touch the books.

When he saw the scene, Hans said, "Li, you’re right. Before every auction, we should come early and do some research. It was definitely the right choice this time."

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Li Du smiled, but he was cursing inside. It was not easy to profit off of items that the others could see. He had lost one of the main use of his bug.

Walking into the large unit, they were hit with a smell of ink, as well as the scent of paper from the books; they mixed to form a unique smell.

Godzilla creased his eyebrows and started fanning his face. Hans asked, "What’s up?"

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