445 The Blade of the Native Americans

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Before coming here, Li Du had thought that like the Amish, the Native Americans would want something non-electric or un-modernized, so he had thought the items in the back of his car were good enough.

But now, after comparing those things with the electric lights, television, and refrigerator found in the living room, Li Du felt annoyed.

F*cking sh*t, he thought, now I've become a ragman.

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The big guy looked into the back of the car and couldn't find anything he wanted. The man next to him pointed at something that looked like a hand pump and said, "I want this."

"What is it for?" Li Du asked.

"It is a pesticide hand pump sprayer," Hans said. "Of course, it can only be used on smaller farms."

Li Du unloaded the pesticide sprayer and gave it to the guy. They then went into the car to drive somewhere else.

"So, what did you get from them?" Hans asked.

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