432 The Big One

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In America's family of firearms, Remington was a well-known brand and the Model 700 was from the golden age.

Remington, which was founded in 1816, had almost 200 years of history. It had gained its fame from the 700 series. Produced in 1962, the gun's precision and power had led to it becoming the weapon of choice for the military, law enforcement agencies, as well as civilians.

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However, the design for this series of shotguns had not simply been plucked from the air. In fact, they were modeled after the perfectly-designed German Mauser 98 rifles from the late 19th century.

Now, this gun was very popular on the market, with many different models having been developed.

Li Du conducted a search online, and discovered a wealth of information about the Remington Model 700: ADL and BDL for civilians, DM and 40X, the M24 series for the military, the M40 series for the marine, as well as the Remington SR8, AT1-M24, Tac-OpsTango-51, Pro2000HTR, et cetera.

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