166 The Bicycles

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When Li Du came out of the bank, he handed a stack of green hundred dollar bills to Big Quinn.

Looking at the crisp dollar notes, Big Quinn had a startled expression. "What’s this for?"

"I don’t think you will get your paycheck anytime soon, and your housing loan can’t wait that long. Use this to pay for that. Treat it as though you have borrowed it from me," Li Du smiled.

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However, there was no smile on Big Quinn’s face, instead he appeared to have his guard up. "What do you mean, pal? Are you a loan shark?"

Li Du shrugged. "You think I look like one?"

Big Quinn shook his head hesitantly while he took a good look at Li Du. "You look scholarly, like a college student."

Li Du placed the stack of bills on the dashboard of Big Quinn’s pickup. "Well, you can think of me as Mr. Nice Guy. I just wanted to help."

Big Quinn chuckled. "You’re not Mr. Nice Guy, but rather, a real nice guy. I can see that from your eyes and your smile."

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