551 The Ball Game

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The eight sets of weaponry did not only consist of guns and ammunition, but they also included bulletproof vests, sighting devices, medical kits, and radios for individual soldiers. There was quite a lot of stuff.

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Li Du had no choice but to fork out money to buy a huge safe to lock this equipment up.

They were now responsible for the weaponry; if any of it got lost or stolen, they would be liable. This was to prevent them from selling off the equipment and using "theft" as the excuse of its absence.

After locking the equipment up, Li Du took a basketball out from the sporting goods he had just bought. He patted it and said, "Don't frown, don't we have other gains? Come, let's go play some basketball."

Hans grabbed the basketball from him and shouted, "God! Play?! These aren't ordinary basketballs—these are super valuable celebrity balls!"

"Yes," Li Du said, "but they're still basketballs and can be used for playing."

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