715 The Auctioneer With The Iron Hand

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Li Du waved and released the little bug. The villa was not sitting on a large land area—at most 650-square-feet. There was a total of three levels above ground and a basement level. He estimated it to have about a dozen rooms—it would not be that tedious to check through.

After the little bug had gone in, he realized it was not that clear-cut.

There was supposed to be about a dozen rooms in the house, but it had been configured. Just like those subletted houses that he'd heard about in university where one house could be converted into five smaller ones.

In this way, a large villa had become a huge hive, packed with many smaller houses. Each house was full of stuff, more chock-a-bloc full than a grocery store.

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Now, he understood why the community organization had chosen to auction the villa off like how they would carry out auctions for old houses. There were 50-60 small rooms, which could be sold to many people.

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