488 The Auction Item

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"The auction rules are very simple. I will state the price and all of you can place your bids. You can only use whatever cash you have on hand. No online bank transfers! No electronic account transfers! No checks! No credit cards! Only cash!

"In addition, this auction is sponsored by the Children's Disease and Welfare Center in Flagstaff. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Children's Disease and Welfare Center.

"Now, let the auction begin. For our first bachelor, I need to quote a suitable starting price. So, twenty dollars! Twenty dollars, anyone?"

Hearing Mayor Thompson's loud and clear words, Li Du was astonished by the starting bid. "Only 20 dollars?!"

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"Yeah, 20 dollars," laughed Sophie. "Actually, it's an event for everyone to have some fun—the amount of money is not that important."

The young man on the stage was rather good-looking. After the starting price was stated, immediately a young woman shouted, "Me, 20 dollars!"

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