1303 The Arctic

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After traveling on the sea for four days and four nights, they could finally spot signs of Severnaya Zemlya.

During that time on board, Steve and some of the men played cards. As for Li Du, he brought along some of his people to prepare the fish at night and dry it during the day.

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The temperature in the Arctic Circle was extremely low. In the current season, the temperature stayed below zero degrees Celsius at night. They would hang up the fish and brush the water off it. When they were done, there would be a snow-white layer of ice on the surface of the fish.

When they got down from the ship, they threw the frozen fish into boxes in the car's trunk. It sounded as though they were throwing bricks.

Steve picked up a frozen herring and smiled. "This thing is not only food, it can double as a weapon. If we had this previously, we would not have had to use a grenade. We could have used this to deal with the pirates!"

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