592 The Appeal of Patek Philippe & Co.

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Li Du finally arrived at Harry Winston, a place which, regardless of time and location, represented the world's most fashionable luxury styles.

Viewed from the outside, the building exuded extravagance and was shimmering from the glow of the jewels. Upon entering, the place was lacking in popularity, which was most important for a jewelry shop.

Even though Las Vegas had a lot of tourists, this jewelry shop did not have many patrons.

Nonetheless, the decorations inside the shop were very lavish. Immediately past the main entrance was a huge crystal chandelier with a glow similar to that of a diamond's. People standing under it would unknowingly be enthralled by it.

The spacious top floor of the jewelry shop housed both the lobby and display areas. It also had a cocktail buffet table and a bar. People could sit down anywhere on the top floor and enjoy their beverages.

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