199 The Antique Gun

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Freddy’s tone was provoking and full of sarcasm.

Li Du smiled and returned a cutting retort: "We know how to handle goods with value, ‘cos we’re used to that. But if it’s trash, we’ll be at a loss—you see, we’re not used to handling trash."

With more than a dozen houses in his hands, Freddy was so confident that he felt nothing could put him down. He scoffed at Li Du’s words and laughed. "Okay, what are the valuables you reaped from this auction? Or, what did you come here for?

"They’re here for sightseeing," Bart added. "They’re not here for the auction, otherwise, why would they stop with only one successful bid?"

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Bart had gotten five houses for himself.

Li Du replied, "You’re right, we’re here for sightseeing. We’ve brought good cameras with us, and they contain lots of interesting pictures."

Bart was triggered by the mention of cameras and pictures. "You promised to delete my pictures! You f*cking piece of sh—"

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