1033 That’s Wrong

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The crowd pulled open the bush and found a hole about the size of a household dustbin.

There were traces of drag marks on the perimeter of the hole, and there was also an indentation near the bush. It was quite unnoticeable, however, and had to be examined carefully.

This was a sign of a python hibernating during the winter. The bushes were still growing, although the growth rate was slow. The twisted lower half of the stem had to be checked. Otherwise, it was very difficult to find any trace of the python just by looking at the leaves.

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Buick and his people were high in spirit. Most of the people were brandishing their shovels and picks as they began to work. Charles removed his pants and was left with a pair of shorts. A person next to him shoveled an animal skin on his leg and then smeared him with some animal fat.

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