396 Thank You, You Are Welcome

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After the fun, Li Du and the others avoided Frank Boll and Jim York. Both of them were still arguing with the boss of the fish stall; it seemed like it would be hard for them to leave.

The black boss was worried that his pikes wouldn’t sell now. How could he let this man go without making him pay for them?

After all the people left, Turis still seemed confused. "How could he faint? Seriously, that b*stard shook like jelly!"

"I guess he might have high blood pressure. My uncle has high blood pressure. He always feels dizzy—he faints all the time without reason. "

"That’s impossible. Frank has a bad temper. If he had high blood pressure, he would have ruptured his heart and brain vessels by name. "

"That’s none of our business. Quick, grab something and let’s head out. How could this godd*mn weather be this hot?"

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