677 Testing Waters

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The old goods market was relatively small. If nothing especially eye-catching made an appearance, then the usual transaction price would average 100,000 to 500,000 dollars.

It couldn't be compared to art auctions where deals worth tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars were made. Hence, if a mogul were to show up, there was a great impact on the old goods market.

Suradi Feuille must have heard the news about Li Du splashing money about in town, and had deliberately pushed forward the auction date by one day.

For auctions, the impact was not big. After all, two auctions took place every week—the frequency was pretty high.

Li Du readily agreed to attend the auction the following evening.

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However, what he didn't tell Feuille was that if he were expecting him to foolishly throw money away at the auction, then he was expecting too much.

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