1238 Telescope

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Li Du was not insane. How would he mess with Texas treasure hunters?

It was the first time he had ever been so comfortable at an auction.

However, he only took down two warehouses and did not bid anymore on the rest.

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This made the local treasure hunters feel better, but it also made them feel the rumors were probably true.

Li Du's reputation was one of a person who would give you respect if you treat him the same way. If someone provoked him, he would take revenge.

If applied to auctions, Li Du would retaliate more forcefully if someone went against him, but if everyone knew their place, Li Du would give them a chance, such as at this auction, where he only took down two warehouses.

He did not make a move, but the treasure hunters of Flagstaff did.

Texan treasure hunters were not going to give them the chance, so the competition for the other warehouses was fierce.

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