1143 Telescope

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Leaving Tucson behind and driving along HWY-86, they headed towards west. The

landscape they traveled through was wild and pristine. It felt like a place tucked away

from the outside world, existing in isolation.

The highway stretched into the most barren area of the Nogales desert. Other than

countless green-white patrol trucks, sandstorms were the only thing that moved.

On the third day after the Nogales auction, a fleet of trucks appeared on the highway.

Conrad was sitting in one of the cars.

Princeps was concentrated on driving and his expression was sullen.

Conrad glanced at him and said, "Hey, bro, don't keep a long face. Why happened to


Princeps said rigidly, "Nothing much, I'm great."

Conrad stretched both his hands behind his head. Then, he said, "We've already

discussed this, buddy. You don't have enough money now to take down that

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warehouse. Let's partner up and work together, okay?"

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