881 Tea For You

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Seeing that Li Du had opened the storage unit next door and walked into it, Princeps was feeling very curious. He said, "Have you bid on a bunch of ore, too? Not bad. You do have great vision."

Li Du turned around and smiled as he said, "I feel rather proud having heard your compliment."

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Conrad was not happy. Instead, he said indifferently, "Bidding for this type of storage unit? It's just a bunch of garbage ore. What's the use of buying them? To throw them at people?"

Princeps was embarrassed. Not only was Conrad attacking Li Du, but he was also attacking Princeps at the same time, as he had bought even more units full of ore.

Li Du was not bothered by it. He walked into the unit and picked up a small, flat brick. He put it under his nose to give it a sniff, and then he tested the feeling and strength of it as he tossed it in his hand.

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