846 Taste of Hometown

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After listening to Steve, Li Du could not help but ask, "What, mate? You want to dig for gems? Don't you mean you want to invest in a mine?"

Steve shook his head. "No investing, just digging. I want to be a miner."

Li Du swallowed. Sophie thought he was thirsty, so she gave him a glass of water. He pushed the glass away and said, "You want to be a miner? I'm a little confused, Steve. I want you to be clear. What is your purpose?"

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With that, Li Du quickly added, "I mean, mining is exhausting work, and miners don't make that much money. Why would you want to be a miner?"

Steve smiled and said, "I need to exercise. Mining is a workout, right?"

Li Du replied, "Yes, it's really good exercise, but it's quite intense, and I don't think it's suitable for you. Not only that, but it's very dangerous. There was a mine collapse at Lightning Ridge not long ago."

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