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Blackstone was a little town in the desert of Phoenix. It had been established with the construction of the prison there. The town was small and the residents there depended on the prison for a living.

The desert was unsuitable for farming or rearing livestock. Hence, the people there ran small businesses to make a living and depended on prison workers and the families of the prisoners as their customers.

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That town was widely known in Phoenix as the 'Orange Clothes Town'.

Orange was the main color of the prisoners' uniform, and anyone wearing orange was recognized as one. Most of the residents in Blackstone Town were prisoners who decided to stay behind and live there after being released. Hence, the town was nicknamed Orange Clothes Town.

Like the prison in Miami, Blackstone prison was also meant for prisoners who had committed less severe crimes. Most of the inmates were convicted of offenses like minor theft or fraud and carried little risk to society.

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