1010 Targeted Firing

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As the helicopter began to descend, the main rotor continued to spin, summoning

strong gusts of wind. A few of the helpers who had just completed their chores lowered

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their bodies as they walked to maintain their stability.

Brother Wolf glanced out of the window and heaved a sigh of relief. He picked up a

large backpack that was so full it was bursting at its seams. Slinging the heavy

backpack onto his shoulder, he waved to Godzilla, "Let's go, bring a box of bullets!"

Good let out a few frustrated cries as he struggled to squeeze out of the handcuffs.

However, how could a man break out of iron handcuffs? He exerted all his energy, but it

was useless. His efforts only added fresh bloody cuts to his wrists.

Godzilla began wrapping up boxes of bullet belts with the tablecloth he grabbed from

the desk. The bullet belts carried thousands of bullets meant for machine guns. It was

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