654 Tall, Burly Man

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The days after were quiet.

Surgi and Hughes could not escape the punishment of the law and were also unable to keep their mouths shut against the police.

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Besides getting caught red-handed, the police also found the tools used to carry out the crime and obtained their fingerprints from the machines. Facing such irrefutable evidence, both of them could only be honest and admit their guilt.

With such conclusive evidence, no lawyer would be able to help them.

The police officers led by Rose continued putting in the effort and found out about the other accomplices from both of them. In one fell swoop, they managed to catch everyone who was involved.

The police were swift and driven. Those people didn't have time to escape and were all pretty much caught in the national park.

In the meantime, Li Du did not do any work and drove around the park to watch the police catch the culprits.

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