963 Swamp Terror

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du's education had led him to believe that Africa was just a bunch of dry land with water shortages everywhere.

Of course, this was true for many parts of Africa. After all, the Sahara desert was here. But beyond that, there were plenty of places with plenty of water.

Abdo found a swamp, came back, waved, and the group of people followed him.

This swamp covered a very wide area; it must have been hundreds of hectares. Water became more sparse during winter, and many parts of the swamp still had water. During spring and summer, the swamp probably swelled into a lake.

Li Du spoke his hypothesis, and the lion hunter said, "Yes, it will. In another month, when there is heavy rain, there will be a large reservoir of water here."

There were many animals living in the swamp; not only crocodiles but pythons, big spiders, and so on lurked in the waters. They needed to be careful.

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