997 Surmise

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After traveling through a few hills not far away from the army camp, a meandering river appeared in front of them.

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This river flowed from the southeast to the northwest. The muddy river was relatively narrow, only a few meters wide, and the current was gentle.

There were a few black soldiers carrying loaded rifles by the river, acting as lookout posts at the river bank. And there was also a pickup truck mounted with a machine gun patrolling the river. The defenses were extremely tight.

At the river, there was a large number of people wearing clothes so worn out they looked as if they were naked. All of them were bending over as they sifted the sand in the water. Humming sounds came from an operating machine by the river. They washed the sand and put it on the conveyor belt of the machine. The conveyor belt ran as some of the people were standing at both side to check for any diamonds.

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