263 Super Camp

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Yes, the one interested in the boiler wasn’t Godzilla, but Li Du.

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Earlier, Li Du had asked Hans about the personality of Garter; Hans had said he was a cunning, cautious person.

Thus, Mr. Li had guessed that if he were to directly offer his chandeliers to trade with the boiler, or if he were to try and purchase it with cash, Garter would probably suspect that he had some hidden intentions.

After some thought, he decided to use the jade replica to test things out, and formulated Plan A and Plan B.

If Garter were willing to exchange the chandelier for the replica, then he would execute Plan A: He would offer something else in exchange for the distilling boiler. If Garter were overly wary and unwilling to trade, then he would activate Plan B: Godzilla would state that he likes the boiler, and Li Du would then try to bait Garter into making a trade.

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