756 Strict Checks and Precautions

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All black gold abalones were large since abalones that were allowed to be harvested were at least 10-plus centimeters in diameter!

After Li Du posted pictures of the abalones on his social media page, his classmates thought that they were extra large scallops and no one was able to figure out that they were abalones.

After all, coming in touch with black gold abalone was far-fetched for ordinary people since the difficulty of harvesting black gold abalones and their rarity determined their selling price, which then made it impossible for ordinary households to have them.

As everyone on the yacht had never eaten black gold abalone before, the group of them became excited when the black gold abalone dishes, which were prepared using methods such as cutting into sashimi, poaching, and stir-frying, were served one after another, followed by a small pot of abalone porridge.

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