277 Storage Units of the Wealthy

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As the treasure hunters predicted, Andrew was not someone who would take that lying down. Hearing those words, he flipped into a rage.

With a twitch of his brows, he looked down at them and exclaimed, "Well, who would have thought. No wonder you guys look familiar, it's our friends from Flagstaff."

Godzilla put down a bowl of beef noodles and stood up expressionlessly. The others behind Andrew instinctively backed away, their faces full of panic.

Though, Andrew was somewhat experienced enough to hold his ground and said, "Hey kiddo, what are you trying to do?"

Godzilla asked, "Kiddo?"

Andrew said with a forced smile, "You’re younger than me, so you’re all kids to me."

Godzilla raised up a fist the size of a watermelon. He continued asking, "Kids?"

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A guy beside Andrew threw a fake smile and said, "Friends, it’s friends. We’re all friends."

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