467 Stop the Car for Investigation

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Robert looked at Li Du, and Li Du indicated for Lu Guan to chase after the truck with the recorder. "These guys are more cowardly than I thought. Okay, after them."

Robert asked, "It's over just like that?"

"Of course not," Li Du laughed. "Let's chase after them so that we can finish the task."

He was not panicking because the truck was traveling along a small road behind the workshop, and it would not be able to travel fast on the muddy path.

A bald burly guy frowned as he walked out. "D*mmit. Robert, you n*gger, what are you up to? What's up with those three dudes?"

Robert said, "Those three are suspects. Don't thank me Billy, I helped you get rid of trouble."

Angered, Billy said, "F*cker, you're giving me a lotta trouble! What am I supposed to do with them when they come back?"

Robert said, "They haven't paid you for the modifications yet, right? You should hope that they return."

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