133 Stepping Over For Advancement

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Li Du thought he had seen an illusion but when he retracted the little bug, he suddenly felt extremely fatigued. He then knew that it was not an illusion.

The little bug had absorbed the time in the sculpture and had grown two hind legs. It also developed a new ability, which was to see something’s history.

He deduced this quickly, and to test this point, he found a very simple oak chair to experiment with when he entered the next storage unit.

The little bug flew to the chair. Li Du wanted to know this chair’s history. After he had this thought, the scene appeared:

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Pieces of oak appeared, and two old men who were working with a chisel and cutter…

The scenes changed fast, just like that of a slideshow. The chair was later sold, and the scene of it being sat on appeared next…

Li Du inhaled a breath of cold air, the little bug’s new ability was too powerful!

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