985 Stealing

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Mr. Lion Hunter's words were always a mixture of truth and lies, so Li Du would never completely believe him.

In truth, Swaziland currency was even more worthless than scraps of paper. This type of currency usually used millions as a unit. The locals would not even know what amount was on their notes because they had low level culture and there were just too many 0s on it, they could not count properly...

But the Mozambique currency had not collapsed yet, and the cash flow was still quite good in their country. But this type of currency was not worth much either. One hundred thousand Mozambique metical could only be exchanged for a few US dollars.

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Remonin laughed, "Mr. Li, food vouchers are very common in places like ours. It's not just me printing them. There are a few other Swazi tribes near us who print these too."

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