762 Stealing, Huh?

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In the muddy seawater, one would not be able to see the specific locations of the black gold abalones clearly without using any tools and only relying on the human eye. As such, it was impossible to harvest the black gold abalones. 

Despite that, the little bug, whose vision was unhindered, passed through the muddy seawater and found a black gold abalone. Due to the nose ring youngster's efforts earlier, half of the black gold abalone had already been pried off.

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After throwing away the nose ring youngster's abalone card and sticking the pry bar into the abalone, Li Du exerted his strength and very successfully pried off the large black gold abalone.

With the black gold abalone in his left hand and the propeller in his right hand, Li Du speedily left the chaotic area of the sea.

Gradually, the sediments were deposited and the seawater became clear.

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