1020 Starting a Fire

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A fleet of four cars traveled along the highway, leaving Durban behind and heading


After about a day, the highway disappeared, but they had to continue northwest. 

After another twelve hours on the road, Li Du and his company were stunned by what

they saw. A piece of primal rainforest was before them. There was not even a dirt road,

let alone a highway. Entering the rainforest in their car was impossible.   

Li Du said helplessly, "Musa, is your tribe so far away? How did you get to the Golden

Grass tribe?"

Musa replied, somewhat unintelligibly, "Some people stayed, or walking all the


"How much further is your tribe from where we are?"

Musa shook his head, "I hab not been through dis road, hmm, hab to got in for look." 

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Chewing a piece of gum, Big Ivan said, "Boss, are we really going in? What about the


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