148 Stacks of Old Books

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Hans was wrong; this auction would not sell according to the genres, but that each section had been additionally divided, into hundreds of smaller sections!

With this, the information that Li Du had memorized yesterday lost its use. He hurriedly rushed around the unit, hoping to remember the new sections for the valuable books they had recorded yesterday.

Entering the second storage unit, he briskly walked around, and then returned to one of the stacks of books, puzzled.

Hans asked, "What’s up?"

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Li Du said, "This stack of books; it wasn’t here yesterday."

The stack that caught his attention was relatively small. It was cordoned off by plastic poles, so it stood out from the other sections. There were also other similar stacks around. These stacks were all relatively fewer in books, and protected by poles.

Hans glanced and said, "These are all old books. Perhaps the bookstore was being cautious of people damaging them if they took them out early, so they only took them out now."

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