343 Spreading His Fame Across LA

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The second storage unit was very ordinary. The treasure hunters lined up as usual for viewing.

With over seventy people, the viewing would take at least half an hour no matter what. With the free time they had while others were viewing, some treasure hunters went over to the cops to watch the commotion.

Hans went to unlock the shutter door. Three cops immediately put on their masks and entered the unit.

One was holding a camera, another had a pair of latex gloves to search, while the third was accompanied by a Labrador. Needless to say, it was a sniffer dog.

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The black Labrador entered the unit and went around the place before finally sitting obediently back at the entrance.

Seeing such, the cop with the dog said, "Rhine can’t find anything suspicious."

"There is still another level upstairs," the cop with the camera said. "Go up and check."

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