740 Spending the Night on the Sea

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the wake of Godzilla and Big Quinn gorging themselves with food, the boss regretted his decision.

Even though seafood on King Island was cheap, it wasn't free. People who had appetites like Godzilla's could cause the boss to lose a lot of money.

Godzilla brought a plate of grilled oysters over. He placed an oyster at an angle in his mouth like he was drinking a beer. The oyster meat slid off its shell, and he ingested it in one gulp.

There were also crabs the size of a human head, and to eat them, he removed their shells and used his hands to tear away the meat. In a few mouthfuls, the inside of a crab was emptied.

While staring at him in astonishment, the boss and the waiters looked at the money in their hands once more and felt that they had been scammed.

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