1148 Spending Money

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Big Ivan teased, "You're good-tempered? God, if the lady boss weren't here, I would show you the finger."

Holding his cup, Sacre pointed at Big Ivan and said, "Iva, my brother, if the lady boss weren't here, this cup of would fly in your face."

"It's Ivan, bast*rd, not Iva," Big Ivan laughed.

Sacre shrugged. "Sorry, brother, I have a bad pronunciation. Aren't you called Iva?"

Ivan was a common male name in Russia, and Iva was a common female name in other Slavic countries.

The two of them had a friendly relationship and Li Du enjoyed watching them joke around each other.

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Brother Wolf had a duller character. He was careful in his work and had a more serious personality.

Sacre and Big Ivan were livelier characters. Without Sacre, Ivan did not have someone to play along with him. With Sacre, the two of them could fool around and sometimes partnered up to annoy Brother Wolf.

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