1128 Speed

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The boss came over, smiled and asked, "Is there anything you would like to say to me,


Li Du took out his bank card and handed it to him, saying, "I'd like to pay the bill."

The boss was a bit surprised upon seeing the card with the JPMorgan VIP logo on it.

He had seen such cards before in magazines, but this was the first time he saw one in

real life.

The boss took out the pose-machine. He was ready to put in the number. Li Du slowed

down the time and took the pose machine in his hand in a quick motion, and keyed in a

hundred thousand.

Seeing this, the boss was stunned. "Your speed is really amazing, there is no need to

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pay so much…"

"Help me find out who hired this township group to give me trouble, and you'll get this

sum as a reward," Li Du said with a smile.

The boss gulped and said, "Well, I'm afraid you misunderstood me. I'm just the owner of

a restaurant..."

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