584 Space stone

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The group of gem hunters suddenly got excited after hearing Li Du's words.

"Hey mate, are you making fun of us? Is this really that funny?"

"Are you serious? Are you really willing to take over?"

"Ten thousand dollars—no, 5,000 dollars. I will sell it for 5,000 dollars."

Li Du smiled. "As long as you guys accept my trading terms and give me a bank account number, you guys will know if I am making fun of you guys or not."

Old Deckard stared at him with cloudy eyes. With a look of anticipation, he told Li Du his bank account number.

Li Du operated the online banking from his phone for awhile and said, "Wait 30 seconds."

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Soon, Old Deckard's phone gave off a notification sound. He proceeded to open the notification while all the gem hunters surrounded him.

After looking at the screen, Old Deckard blankly stared up at the crowd, "Twenty . . . Twenty thousand dollars. He really gifted me 20,000 dollars."

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