925 Sons of Chinese Freemasons

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Pushing open the door, he walked in and was immediately stunned. It was a coincidence bumping into Chao Fan on the street, and as soon as he walked into this room he bumped into the two people that he was thinking about: the handsome young man and the rough old man who bought over the Rolls Royce Phantom Umbrella back in Los Angeles for ten thousand dollars.

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As both parties saw each other, the handsome young man and rough old man also felt stunned.

The rough old man was Song Biaozi. He stood up and stared at Li Du with wide eyes. "Hey, brother, why are you here?"

The young man, Tang Chaoyang, smiled. "Long time no see. It's fate meeting you here."

Li Du smiled bitterly. "It really is fate. Hello to the two of you. Oh, right—any problems with the umbrella?"

Song Biaozi laughed. "It's a good umbrella. You son of a b*tch, if it weren't for your umbrella, a few of my men would be dead!"

Tang Chaoyang sighed, "Old Song, can you just shut up?"

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