1218 Soft Company

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"What do you mean?" Li Du was puzzled.

Du Hang turned the steering wheel and said, "Ri Ri An, If you pronounce it quick, sounds like Ruan, doesn't it? You'll know when you get there."

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He could not help but say again, "If you were seeking for domestic help, why didn't you ask me for assistance? I could have arranged it all for you. I would have known how to avoid a situation like the one in your house."

Li Du gave a wry smile. He had not wanted to trouble Du Hang, so he found this housekeeping company on the internet, saw that he could register and sign online, so he did.

Who knew this would happen?

The housekeeping company office was located in the central area of the county. It was a two-story building. The first-floor space was labeled Ri Ri An, Housekeeping Services co., LTD., while the second floor housed Ri Ri Shuang, Entertainment Services co., LTD.

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