1223 Soft and Messy

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Hans told Li Du everything excitedly. In the end, he pouted and said with regret, "It's too bad we were not there. Otherwise, the entire incident would have been more interesting."

Li Du said, "Let's keep a low profile. George Anthony definitely knows who the mastermind is by now. He must hate us to the core. Let's be careful in the future."

He was glad that the Eagle Beak Gang had taught the Anthonys a lesson. The motive behind his plot had been to give them a taste of their own medicine. It was just that the Eagle Beak Gang were too vicious in the execution, actually fracturing George Anthony's ankle.

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George Anthony was unlucky!

The entire thing had blown up. George Anthony was now crippled. Judging from his pettiness and evil nature, he must have blamed Li Du and Hans. George Anthony would not let the issue go.

Hans understood that too, but still, he shouted blatantly, "Why? Are you scared?"

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