579 So That’s The Reason

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After he was pointed at, the group of people looked over at Li Du and company. 

Godzilla clenched his fists and mumbled, "F*ck, what is it?"

Big Quinn held him back and said, "Calm down buddy. Although I don't know what's going on it's surely not a fight!"

He was confident because with his appearance and build, other than the police, he had never met anyone who had dared challenge him to his face.

"It was you guys who rented this plot of land?" someone asked Li Du eagerly. "It was you guys?"

Not knowing what to make of it, Li Du frowned and said, "Yes, it was us. Why?"

"Two days? You guys rented it for two days? Left only yesterday?"

"Yes, why?" Li Du was puzzled.

A middle-aged black man yelled, "What did I say? You fools, still don't believe me? This Chinaman stayed here for two days and dug up many boulder opals!"

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"What?" Li Du was bewildered—what was he talking about?

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