1268 Snowman And White Monkey

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Li Du saw it at once. Those were the bodies of two white apes.

He walked over, and Steve did as well. The flashlight illuminated the scene, and everyone was startled.

They were in Siberia, this cave was located in the middle of the island, surrounded by cold water, and although the temperature was not too low, there was still a chill in the atmosphere. What could monkeys or apes possibly be doing here?

The bodies of the two white apes lay side by side, one decaying and the other well preserved, in full view: its fur was pale, its length about a meter and a half. Its legs were short, but its arms were long and strong.

Steve looked at the bodies and asked, "What is this? White-haired gibbons? Some kind of orangutan with albinism? My god, they can't be Siberian Yeti, can they?"

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The Siberian Yeti was a mythical being that Li Du has heard of. It was said to be an ape-like, hairy creature that lived in the remote mountains of Siberia.

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