774 Snake Island

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Li Du was unsure whether breadfruits were considered vegetables or fruits. Nonetheless, they were delicious when eaten raw or after being roasted.

Between the two, he felt that breadfruits tasted better when roasted. It brought out their fragrance and gave them a fluffy and soft texture, which was similar to their texture raw.

As the large number of small seeds found in breadfruits could not be directly eaten, Brother Wolf got everyone to collect the seeds before throwing the seeds into a pan and stir-frying them.

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Stir-fried breadfruit seeds, which smelled like sesame seeds, could be pressed to yield oil or be crushed and eaten.

After finishing his meal, Li Du was ready to dive back into the sea to harvest black gold abalone.

Before entering the sea, Li Du first released the little bug to search for black gold abalones. This time around, he spotted a lot of cord-like shadows wriggling near a reef in the sea.

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