1022 Slaughtering the Pig to Serve Guests

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There were tens and hundreds of small houses around. They were low-rise small straw

huts. Most of them were very simply built, with walls built from wooden planks and

waterproof roofs made from thick wild grass.

There were also some houses that looked even lowlier. Those were made from tree

branches and leaves arranged in a semi-circle. Li Du could not help but think of birds'

nests. These houses looked like a larger version of the nests to him.  

In total, there were a few hundreds of little men living here. They had dark skin and

most of them were gaunt. The men wore no more than a belt around their waists, with

leaves hanging down the front and back of the belt to cover their private parts.

The women paid more attention to their looks. Apart from the belt, they also wore

beautiful skirts decorated with scales and beads.

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After Li Du and his party arrived, the group stayed put and remained cautious. It was

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