772 Skull Island

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Big Quinn was about to walk forward, Brother Wolf reached over, grabbed hold of him, and said softly, "You saw it and you still want to go over?"

"Australian sapphire grapes, why can't I go over?" Big Quinn looked curiously at Brother Wolf.

Brother Wolf replied, "Look closely at the grapevine. What else do you see?"

After hearing the rather baffling conversation between Big Quinn and Brother Wolf, Li Du took a closer look at the grapevine.

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Li Du had also noticed the Australian sapphire grapes that Big Quinn spoke of. The grapevine that the Australian sapphire grapes grew on looked very appealing with clusters of grapes hanging off it.

But what else is here? Li Du took a close look at the grapevine and ultimately saw nothing.

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