971 Situations of Both Sides

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Li Du was stunned. So was everyone else.

No one expected the car to actually become immobilized at such a crucial moment. However, after thinking carefully, this unexpected incident seemed reasonable.

When Li Du had entered this area, he realized that the grassland had many ditches. One wrong turn could easily get a tire stuck.

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Now that the off-road car had run into such incident, what could be said? They could only blame their misfortune on poor maneuvering.

The angry wild elephant rushed up. Its enormous body brought with it a gust of strong wind. It loudly stomped the ground with its legs, which resembled four stone pillars. It was like a gigantic creature was hitting the ground with drumsticks.

Li Du and the group were terrified. The wild elephant rushed right up to the car.

Everyone in the car felt frightened and hopeless. They screamed one after another.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Help!"

"Kevin! Come back and get rid of it!"

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