1215 Silly-Eyed Eagle

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After Eagle Beak Blade paid up, he brought his gang to warehouse number 77 with a solemn look.

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One of his people, a guy with a mustache, said, "Boss, how will we deal with this? Can we still get any profit from number 103? Initially, we had planned on gaining four hundred thousand from those."

Eagle Beak Blade said coolly, "Who cares about 103? Anthony has to fork out the cash. According to my information, that New York dude is a well-known figure in the treasure hunting trade. He would not shirk his way out of paying. He's gotta pay up. Otherwise, he can forget about staying in this business."

Someone said, "That was a close shave. Fortunately, that Chinese dude retreated from the bid war early. Otherwise, boss, you would have continued to bid and might have had to pay for that warehouse."

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