545 Show Your Fighting Spirit

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Hans laughed after hearing Li Du's plans. "You bad*ss, grumpy bad boy—I like it."

Li Du patted Hans's shoulder. "Mess with them. Have some fun in our stressful job. But, don't carry it too far by deceiving them too hard."

Lu Guan snapped. "Just watch me."

He spoke to the tour guide and pointed to Hans while doing so.

The tour guide showed an expression of realization and talked to the tourists in Korean.

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Soon enough, the tourists wore expressions of admiration and respect to gaze at Hans. The tour guide also introduced Lu Guan to the tourists. Lu Guan's fluent Korean won the liking and goodwill of the tourists.

And so the tour guide, along with Lu Guan, started to tell them more about the storage auction industry. In no time, the Korean tourists started to surround Hans. Some Korean girls tugged on his arms and kept talking to him, calling him "Oppa."

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