1248 Shining Heaven

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Irkutsk, the oldest city in southern Siberia, has long been known as the heart of the region.

Driving through the city, one could see a lot of Soviet-style architecture. Monuments of war heroes adorned every square, and the streets had many statues of famous people.

The city had a long history and was home to many heroes. In order to win the Second World War, Irkutsk paid a great sacrifice and lost many of its people. Almost all local men over 40 years old who had gone to fight in the war had perished.

As the car passed the city's central square, Steve stopped Hankway to buy a bouquet of flowers to put on the monument of the fallen soldiers.

First, they found a hotel, not far from the residential area where Hank and the other local guides lived.

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Meteorite hunters were among the local rich, and lived in large, warm apartments, mostly two-story duplexes.

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