1201 Shepherd Girl

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Perhaps because the whole area of Phoenix was ​​warm even in winter, when the temperature of the water was right, a winter wonder appeared.

In the distance, a wide river was flowing, the blue waves rolling smoothly.

Along the two sides of the river, there were green grassy plains with large pieces of granite scattered here and there. The granite dotted the plains, showing off their beauty.

Some areas of the land led to woods of tall, majestic pine trees. With the birch and poplar trees rising up to the sky, green was a prevalent color even in winter.

Taking in the scenery, Li Du understood why the warehouse auction association decided on that location for the party. He said in awe, "Turns out that there's such a beautiful place in Arizona."

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Riverdale was considered to be within the Kingman area. However, ever since its residents joined efforts to create the Kingman Government Building, Kingman had kicked them out in a fit of anger.

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