1153 Shelly Sand

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The hotel that Li Du and his group checked into was named Shelly Beach Hotel. Shelly

Beach, from which the name derivated, was situated right behind the hotel. The beach

there looked like snow, striking in its pure whiteness. In travel magazines, Shelly Beach

was described as the only beach in the world formed by thinly crushed shells. The name

Shell Beach described exactly what it was: a beach of powdered shells that looked and

felt just like sand.

The sand was really made of delicate, thinly crushed shells. However, its creation had

not been a natural process but was helped by man.

The hotel would never admit that. In the past, the beach was really full of large shells

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that had been washed onto the sand. Weather, waves and the rain had broken those

shells down.

At that time, few people would come to the beach because of two reasons. One, the

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